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DVD for private use:

25 € for one DVD (MFP#1 or MFP#2) + cost for shipping
45 € for both DVD (MFP#1 and MFP#2) + cost for shipping *

To order a DVD please contact Daniela Swarowsky: daswa@xs4all.nl.


(Educational) License:

You are interested in a license, because you like to use MFP#1/MFP#2 *

….in a institutional setting, e.g. school, university or library
….as a base for discussions in class, seminar, conference or workshop

The costs depending of the use vary between 350 € and 250 € excl. costs of shipping and VAT.

Please contact daswa@xs4all.nl for more information.


Screenings & debates:

Unique screening without the filmmaker:

MFP#1: 150 € excl. VAT
MFP#2: 150 € excl. VAT *
Both films: 250 € excl. VAT *

Multiple screenings: please contact daswa@xs4all.nl for an offer.

You would like to organise a screening with a Q&A afterwards?

Screening with Q&A /discussion with the filmmaker Daniela Swarowsky: 250 € excl. VAT, plus costs for travel and accomodation.

Via screenings you will get an impression in which settings Messages of Paradise has been screened so far.

For more informations please contact daswa@xs4all.nl


* At the moment MFP#2 is submitted to filmfestival. Therefor MFP#2 will probably be available first in November/December 2014. We thank you for your understanding.